About Cece Hampton, business consultant, coach and trainer in Fort Mill, SC and Charlotte, NC area.

Helping you get the business results you want...

For fifteen years I've been successfully running my own business... which is helping other business owners and professionals successfully run theirs! 

Of course, as is often the case with most entrepreneurs, the discovery and learning journey of defining and following my passion had its fair share of learning curves. 

A California Girl with no clear idea of exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up,  but always knew I wanted to be... successful. Sometimes I dreamed of being a lawyer and sometime I dreamed of owning a restaurant that only served lunch and only on Sundays.  Why only lunch and only on Sunday? IDK! It sounded like the perfect job at the time.

Raised in an entrepreneurial home, I never felt that my options where limited. My parents started, developed and ended many types of businesses, so being creative and willing to take risk was never lost on me.  

Dreamer...to visionary...to action taker...to RESULTS.

One thing I also knew was that I loved being around people and having parties!  With my family being a part of several MLM companies growing up, there was always some conference or event to attend or party to host.  On any given Saturday, having an all out Luau with a roasting pig and Hula dancers, was a common scene at our house. Which may be the reason why I ended up starting a Wedding and Event planning Company of which I successfully ran for over 15 yrs.

Multi-talented, passionate and creative entrepreneur.

Fashion was also a big party of my growing up, with business meetings, balls and award ceremonies to attend I always admired and often played dress up in my moms fabulous suits, gowns and bold accessories.  My dad was known for his “smooth” attire accented by his crocodile shoes. My parents love of fashion may be the reason why in high school I started working in retail...first stop Nordstrom! I learned everything from fundamentals of customer service (we were required to read The Nordstrom Way) to saving and investing my money.  I could not of asked for a better experience than that as my first job.

I continued in retail, managing stores all over the U.S, including brands such as American Eagle Outfitters, Bath & Body Works and Chico’s. In doing so I discovered an innate gift for coaching and training employees and a true passion for doing it. Frankly, I loved it! With over 10 yrs of experience in this field my foundation was set.

Sound training is the foundation of successful business...whatever that business may be.

Our lives can take pretty circuitous paths (I was married twice before finding “the one”, you know what they say “third time's a charm.”) with crazy forks in the road (I also experienced a divorce with a business partner) leading to amazing opportunities and unexpected outcomes.

My clients have been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and in publications like Carolina Bride, Weddings Unveiled, Trendy Bride and Good Housekeeping.

 I certainly believe that the twists, turns, hills and valleys in my journey have led me to where I am and most importantly who I am today.  My passion and desire of helping others succeed comes naturally! I hope that you will consider allowing me to be a part of your journey and together we can embrace how awesome it is to be the owner of your own destiny.  Which makes us all entrepreneurs!

Are you ready to get awesome results in your business?